Grieving - A 9-Step Journey Through Grief ......

Grieving - A 9-Step Journey Through Grief ......

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Grief - A 9-Step Journey To Cope With Sorrow And Find Inner Peace

  • Author (s): Line Asselin
  • Publisher: Eyrolles
  • Publication: 05/18/2017
  • Number of pages: 171
  • Number of books: 1
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Summary :
Designed as an 18-week process, broken down into 9 steps, this operational method has been proven by the author with his patients. Structured as a coaching process, it is based on practical exercises, so many milestones that will accompany the reader in his progress towards emotional liberation. Inspired by Buddhist philosophy, it is based on a universal spirituality, which constitutes a path towards inner peace.


Line Asselin is a nurse by training, with a double master's degree in health and end-of-life support. She has devoted the past fifteen years to developing and teaching an approach that relies on the skills of the heart as a lever of transformation for human suffering. Over the past ten years, she has trained conscious guides in Europe and Quebec who integrate her approach into their lives as well as into their professional practices. She is already the author of several books, including: The Hidden Face of Alzheimer's Disease, 7 Keys to Creating and Nurturing Meaningful Links, Quebec Books, February 2015.