Nature deco - Stewart Walton - Sally Walton

Nature deco - Stewart Walton - Sally Walton

SKU: 9782841981991

Hardcover: 160 pages

Publisher: Manise (September 24, 2002)

Collection: Aquamarine

French language

Product Dimensions: 28.5 x 23.7 x 1.8 cm

Stunning photographs illustrate more than 20 original projects, designed by contemporary designers and that will adapt
to all your needs. From fabric to glass, from old wood to cardboard, not to mention plastic and metal, this work opens up an unusual path to decoration. Satisfying his ecological conscience and his practical needs while giving free rein to his inventiveness, this is what Déco Nature offers to all those passionate about manual work.

Fourth cover

Our times are particularly sensitive to the need for recycling. Déco Nature will show you the potential of recyclable materials and the art of transforming them into practical and decorative objects.