Comment L'aider À Bien Travailler À L'école -  Catherine Jousselme

Comment L'aider À Bien Travailler À L'école - Catherine Jousselme

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  • Author (s): Catherine Jousselme - Patricia Delahaie
  • Publisher: Editions Milan
  • Collection: How to Help Him ...
  • Publication: 09/24/2009
  • Number of pages: 104
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Summary :
Succeeding in school is not just about IQ. If a child has academic difficulties, we must seek to understand what is wrong intellectually, but also emotionally and relational. Have some abilities not yet matured? Does he have an instrumental disorder (dyslexia, dyscalculia)? Is he poorly integrated into the group? Or has he experienced difficult events that concern him? In this book, which is as useful as it is easy to access, the authors present the various problems encountered by the child and the means to face them. The role of parents is essential here because it consists above all in transmitting the joy of playing with ideas and knowledge. Giving children the pleasure of learning is essential for them to want to succeed in school.

Catherine Jousselme is professor of child psychiatry at Paris Sud. Since 2001, she has headed a major child and adolescent psychiatry service in the Paris region. She is the author of numerous articles and various books. Patricia Delahaie is a journalist. She was a columnist for the show Les Maternelles on France 5. She is the author of around fifteen books, including Ces amours qui nous mal mal (2006, editions Marabout).