Clémence Et Marcel - Two Ariégeois In The War - Marie Laïlle

Clémence Et Marcel - Two Ariégeois In The War - Marie Laïlle

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  • Author (s): Marie Laïlle - Jean Laïlle
  • Publisher: Nouvelles Editions Loubatières
  • Publication: 01/09/2006
  • Number of pages: 127
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Summary :
534 letters exchanged in two years by Clémence and Marcel, two years of captivity in the prisons of the French state of Vichy. This treasure was lying in the Boyer family papers, archives classified and labeled by a caring grandson. The modest ambition of Marie and Jean Laïlle, the banal commemorative article to pay homage to a well-forgotten railway militant, becomes a book which is neither novel, nor history, nor testimony, nor chronicle, but all at the same time.

Jean and Marie Laïlle, Marie and Jean Laïlle: reverse the first names, you will always be facing the two accomplices who wrote this book with four hands. Both Spanish teachers, both from a fold in the Pyrenees, he from Comminges, she from Vallespir, they led a professional life in perfect parity at the Lycée de Foix. They shared for more than half a century the love of the Spanish and Latin American language and civilization. They have always shown admiration and respect for those who wanted a liberated and more human France. Hence their faithful homage to Clémence and Marcel.


  • Lovers in Comminges
  • One hundred kilometers further
  • Textile scores points
  • The dark hours of Foix
  • And the flow of messages continues
  • The heart at the end of the pen
  • What Clémence has always ignored
  • And it was the silence of the camp
  • From one nightmare to another
  • Books, publications or documents consulted
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