Charles Aznavour - Une Légende Hors Du Temps  - Claire Lescure

Charles Aznavour - Une Légende Hors Du Temps - Claire Lescure

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  • Author (s): Claire Lescure
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  • Publication: 15/11/2013
  • Number of pages: 247
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Summary :
In the spotlight for 80 years - he started on stage at age 9 - Charles Aznavour is not ready to leave her, even if a certain press regularly announces his farewells. Persistent, the good man has always been. When the doctors told him that he had one less string and could never sing: he was determined to tear his glottis. When Piaf told him to shorten his nose: he did it. When critics derided his short stature, he decided it was the others who were too tall. Charles Aznavour tamed the language and the culture by reading hundreds of books, by being inspired by the great authors, like Hugo and Balzac, by associating with all those who, like Jean Cocteau, could infuse him with a little of that education that poverty could not offer him. Nothing stands up to 17 hours of work a day, he says. And 80 years at this rate, it forges you a man, and what a man! With his three wives, including the last Ulla - with whom he hopes to soon celebrate his golden wedding anniversary - he has conceived six children. A snub to the fate that tried to eradicate this people of Armenia, origins of which they are proud and which they fiercely defend. But that in no way alters his unconditional love for France which saw him be born: I feel 100% French and 100% Armenian, he says. Charles Aznavour is known worldwide, he has shot more than 60 films on the big and small screen, wrote more than 1000 songs but also books, short stories. And he is far from having said his last word yet ...