8 Dogs Facing the Pyrenees - Da Fonseca Romain - Ed Anet

8 Dogs Facing the Pyrenees - Da Fonseca Romain - Ed Anet

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  • Publisher: Edit Annet (October 3, 2018)
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  • ISBN-13: 978-2908731293
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Transpyrénéenne - The Pyrenean crossing with the dogs.

Winter 2018, Romain and his dogs connect Hendaye beach to Banyuls beach during the first attempt to cross the Pyrenees in a team. Until now, the only known trace dates from 1938 when Paul-Émile Victor, Michel Perez and Jacques Flotard had carried out a similar experiment on a portion of the Alps.


“How could I maintain a certain contact with the mountains -“ alpine ”contact - while practicing a Nordic activity? It was only my second season of mushing but I already had a big goal. My idea ? Take the plunge right away, learn bluntly. Despite several crossings and almost all the peaks of the chain “in my pocket”, with the dogs, my little Pyrenees seemed immense to me: a pass at 2000 meters seemed double, while a summit at 3000 meters gave me l 'impression of peaking at 6000 meters and that a slope of 20 ° suddenly inclined to 40 ° ... In 2018, while we have been exploring space for a long time, in my garden of always I found myself facing 'other mountains. My young dogs and I found ourselves together, facing the unknown. "