1968 The Year Of Revolutions - The Year Of Revolutions Gilles Verlant

1968 The Year Of Revolutions - The Year Of Revolutions Gilles Verlant

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  • Author (s): Gilles Verlant - Sébastien Guyot
  • Publisher: Editions Fetjaine
  • Publication: 03/13/2008
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Summary :
We are all children of 1968, the year of revolutions. In that year a wind of freedom blew through the world, the effects of which are still felt today. Throughout this year, events of planetary significance have followed one another at an astounding speed: the assassinations of Martin Luther King and Robert Kennedy, race riots, manas against the war in Vietnam, the crushing of the Prague Spring, the events of May in France. ..

It's simple: the inhabitants of the planet 1968 were entitled to a September 11 every month!

But the revolutions were not just political.

During this pivotal year, the frozen France of General de Gaulle saw the creativity of its artists take off: song, television, cinema, comic strip, it was in all directions. While the Shadoks pumped, Gotlib invented the Rubrique-à-Brac, Polnareff took us to the Bal des Laze and Julien Clerc abolished boredom with his Cavalry!

Across the Channel or the Atlantic, The Beatles released Hey Jude, Revolution and the "Double Blanc", the Rolling Stones sang Jumpin 'Jack Flash, James Brown hammered (Say It Loud) I'm Black And I'm Proud (Shout It Out: I'm Black and I'm Proud), Jane Fonda played Barbarella, and Stanley Kubrick put the finishing touches on 2001, A Space Odyssey. All this while Patrick McGoohan, in the role of the Prisoner, shouted "I am not a number, I am a free man!"

Whether you are 20, 30, 40 years old or over, find revolutions in pictures this year.